Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I have not disappeared!!

Just wanted to throw out an update! I have not disappeared! I am crazy busy right now with work. I am a full time Special Ed. teacher and it gets a little crazy with paperwork. So sadly I have not been crafting much :(  Plus, my wonderful Mac laptop is dead. Two of my dogs, Belle and Charlie, were playing and somehow got hooked together, Belle's tooth/jaw was caught in Charlies collar. Let me tell you, I was freaking out! Charlie quite making noises - the collar had twisted so much that he couldn't breathe! Well when I finally got them unhooked and checked over, I realized my laptop was swimming in my coffee. Ugh. So now I am using my work computer and begging to use my hubby's laptop. Not a happy camper.  So as soon as I have some more to post I will! Hopefully on a new computer!
Craft on!!!

PS - Both pups are fine!! They act like nothing ever happened, except now I am a paranoid doggy mommy and won't let them play unless collars are off!