Sunday, March 4, 2012

2nd Annual Cupcake Challenge and Winchester Star!!!

I did it again! I signed up to do the Red Wagon Ministry 2nd Annual Cupcake Challenge :)

For those that do not know the Red Wagon Ministry, it is a local organization that helps kids in need.  Specifically providing diapers for the needy. Last year I participated in their first Cupcake Challenge. Although I didn't win, I had a ton of fun and we raised a lot of money to buy diapers!  It was AMAZING!  You can find out more about this great organization by going to

This year the theme is Nursery Rhymes. I entered into the category of "Down in the Barnyard" and my rhyme is "Old McDonald".  Pretty sure I know what I am doing with decorations and flavor. I will post lots of pictures as I begin the process :)

The other day I was contacted by the Cupcake Challenge wonder woman, Ms. Jody Stephenson. She needed a few of us bakers to do an interview for our local paper, The Winchester Star.  We also needed to bring a cupcake and a recipe. Well I made Bryan go to our tax appointment alone just so I could go to the interview!  Myself and 2 other bakers were interviewed.  They took pictures of our cupcakes and us.  It was fun! I have never been interviewed for the newspaper before!  Pretty sure she said we would be in it on Wednesday, in the cooking section.  So you Winchester people keep an eye out!!

I made an updated version of my Orange Creamsicle Cupcake. My previous cupcake was a box recipe, but edited. This one is from scratch and has a cream filling and an even creamier frosting :)  Check out the recipe by clicking here or clicking on the name.  I wish I had a picture :( I forgot to take one. If I can get one from the newspaper then I will attach it later!

More updates to come!

Bake on!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time for Spring Cleaning :)

So, as you may have noticed I have not been posting much lately. I went through a bit of a Stampin' Up! slump.  I have been think a lot about life in general and what I am doing.  Due to several personal reasons, I have decided to let my demonstratorship with Stampin' Up! go. I cannot maintain the sales requirements myself, and I can't devote the amount of time I need to in order to make my love of paper crafting be a business.  However, this does not mean I won't be making and posting about cute paper crafts :) That will always continue.

I have decided to focus a lot more on baking and cupcakes. I have neglected the Batter.  Baking and decorating have always been a passion of mine and I have let it slide.

I have also revamped my blog a bit. Same with my Facebook page.  I will also be adding a page or so to the blog for just pictures of some of my creations. No directions, but just pictures of things I have done in the past that I love, or that are friend/family favorites.  Feel free to ask for directions for anything :) I will try my best.

So be prepared to see more of the Batter. Less Stampin' Up! updates. And hopefully just more posts of everything, Paper, Batter, & Stitch.

Craft on!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Online Extravaganza!!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Computer issues...

Hey everyone! I know, it seems I have been a total slacker.. well I haven't really!! I do have some great projects to show, but I have been having a few computer glitches, that have stopped me from posting pictures! So, my wonderful geeky husband, is going to reload my entire computer. I have been in the process of backing up things I need, while trying not to back up too much, or else I may end up re-installing what is causing the issue!

With that said, I am hoping by the end of Sunday I will be back up and in business again!
Thanks for being patient!

Craft on!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Keeping Warm with a Card

Yes! My computer issues are over! Back to work.

As a demonstrator I am apart of a great Stampin' Up! group called the Shamrock Stampers, headed by the fabulous Erin Barker. She had a meeting with us a little while ago and we did a shoebox swap. For those unfamiliar with this, its when you design a card, then bring enough materials for each person to make the card as well.  This is the card that I designed for our swap! I have seen a few "fireplace" cards, but I wanted to do my own version.  This is a pretty time consuming card, but not hard at all.

Here are the measurements of card stock you will need.
1 - 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" scored in half of Early Espresso
1 - 5 1/2" by 1" of Early Espresso - all edges rounded with corner rounder punch (top of fireplace)
1/2" strips of Cajun Craze and Cherry Cobbler - cut into sections for the bricks
Scrap of black - slightly more then 1 1/2" by 2" - so that it is even with the 3rd row of bricks
A couple scraps of Early Espresso - crumbled and rolled into logs

Fold the large portion of Early Espresso on the scored line - this is your card. I cut my strips of cherry cobbler and cajun craze to brick sizes then used some cajun craze ink and sponged the edges. This gives the bricks more dimension.  Wear gloves if you don't want inky fingers!  I can be a bit "obsessive" about my cards (my friends will probably roll their eyes at me now..) so I laid out my bricks before I glued them down. I used a glue stick or liquid glue so that it dries. Snail will stay perpetually sticky and if you don't cover it with a brick, your card will stick! I laid out my bricks and my black square so that everything was even. Don't forget that for a true brick look, you don't want your brick spaces to match up - as in where there is a space on the lower line of bricks, make sure a whole brick is above it. I then took the rounded corner piece of early espresso - crumbled it up, flattened it out, then took some early espresso ink and kind of roughed it up. Its hard to see in the picture, but it gives more dimension to the fireplace top. Glue that down, with a piece of Bakers twine tucked into the sides. This hides the end of the bakers twine and helps it stay put. Take your early espresso scraps and roll them up and squish a little to make logs. Use some more mustard and pumpkin pie scraps and cut out flames using the Build a blossom punch (different flowers) then sponge some pumpkin pie ink on the edges. Glue them down, then glue down your logs. Use various DSP and colors to make your stockings, and punch out with the Stocking Punch. Use dimensionals to adhere the stockings to the card, then use the mini clothespins to make it look like the stockings are hanging on the string. Put some TomBow glue along the top and sprinkle Mica Flakes on. I then used scrap pieces of Cherry Cobbler seam binding ribbon to make bows for the sides where the string is tucked back. I then used Dazzling Details to add some bling glitter to the flames and the stockings. I LOVE Dazzling Details. Its so easy to use, thick or then, it adds just the right bling!

I hope you enjoy this cozy card! And look forward to more posts as my computer is back up and working!
Craft on!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Make your own wall plates!

Bryan and I have been doing  quite a few changed around the house, including an entire kitchen facelift!  One of our more minor things is changing up our light and receptacle plates. Those silly plates get expensive! I want to do the same in my craft area but don't want to spend the money. So, why not decorate my own? I made these to plates using Stampin' Up! fabric (left, Spice Cake) and Designer Series Paper (right).  These are super easy to do.  I placed the blank plate over my fabric/paper and cut around the plate, making sure that when I fold the material over the plate, there is excess for folding behind it.  I then covered my plate in a thin layer of Modge Podge (MP) , and laid my material over the plate.  I then then brushed more MP on the back, adhering the overhanging edges to the back. You can be quite liberal with it, you want the material to stay. I then (from the back) cut the material with my scissors an "I"shape in each switch hole. Then I folded the excess inwards and put lots of MP to keep it down. You don't want to actually cut the hole out, as then you will see the blank plate.  Cover the front with MP as well now. Then poke the holes for the screws with a pen. Do this after putting a layer of MP on the front so that the MP helps stick the material in the hole. After it dries, put at least 1 more layer. If you don't want to see brush or sponge marks in the MP, put another layer or 2 of MP, then use fine sand paper and sand the MP smooth. Make sure you have at least 3 to 4 layers of MP though, or you could sand through to your fabric/paper!

Hope you enjoy!!
Craft on!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fabulous Changes!

Just wanted to update everyone with some information. I will be redoing my blog with a slightly different look. Same info, same posts, just a more eye appealing format. This past year has been great for me, Paper, Batter, & Stitch, and my Stampin' Up! business. I have had the help of some great people to design my banner, and other great promotional items. I also have left over items from the Apple Harvest Festival that I will be selling on Etsy. I will be doing these updates and posting my items on Etsy so stay tuned!!!

Thanks, and Craft on!!