Friday, September 30, 2011

Make your own wall plates!

Bryan and I have been doing  quite a few changed around the house, including an entire kitchen facelift!  One of our more minor things is changing up our light and receptacle plates. Those silly plates get expensive! I want to do the same in my craft area but don't want to spend the money. So, why not decorate my own? I made these to plates using Stampin' Up! fabric (left, Spice Cake) and Designer Series Paper (right).  These are super easy to do.  I placed the blank plate over my fabric/paper and cut around the plate, making sure that when I fold the material over the plate, there is excess for folding behind it.  I then covered my plate in a thin layer of Modge Podge (MP) , and laid my material over the plate.  I then then brushed more MP on the back, adhering the overhanging edges to the back. You can be quite liberal with it, you want the material to stay. I then (from the back) cut the material with my scissors an "I"shape in each switch hole. Then I folded the excess inwards and put lots of MP to keep it down. You don't want to actually cut the hole out, as then you will see the blank plate.  Cover the front with MP as well now. Then poke the holes for the screws with a pen. Do this after putting a layer of MP on the front so that the MP helps stick the material in the hole. After it dries, put at least 1 more layer. If you don't want to see brush or sponge marks in the MP, put another layer or 2 of MP, then use fine sand paper and sand the MP smooth. Make sure you have at least 3 to 4 layers of MP though, or you could sand through to your fabric/paper!

Hope you enjoy!!
Craft on!!


  1. Okay so you put modge podge on the outside and inside of the fabric?? a little confused.

  2. I just put a little to help the fabric stick to the wall plate, otherwise is slips around on ya why you are trying to mode podge the top.