Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Embossing with Jewelry!

Hello everyone! Oh my gosh am I exhausted. I just got back from our Stampin' Up! Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, and what a blast! But I am also so very tired! One of the many times I love having summers off!
So I made several goodies for Convention, embossed jewelry just being one. So I will have several posts tonight, each highlighting something different!
My first is Embossed Jewelry. Sounds hard? Well it's not!!!! Just takes patience!
 So these first two pictures show my Hope Bracelet, featuring the Hope and Strength stamp set, and my Shamrock ring, featuring the Every Little Bit set.  These were the easiest! Just be careful because the metal can get hot! I used tweezers to hold the ring.

So I purchased the ring and bracelet at a craft store. Just blank, and plain. They are made to be adorned with jewels and such from the jewelry area. I then pressed the flat part into a Versamark pad, covered in our Stampin' Up! silver embossing powder, then heated with the heat tool until melted. It will only take a second to cool for this first layer. Use those tweezers or something else for the ring! The metal gets hot.  Then press into the Versamark again, cover with powder, and heat with the heat gun. This time you will need to let it cool a bit, as the melted powder will be soft. Once cool, press again into the Versamark, cover with powder, and heat with the heat gun. This time, quickly take your stamp and press into the melted powder. Lift carefully, and let cool! If you mess up - no fear! Simply use the heat gun to melt it again. You can always add another layer of embossing powder! Then I just added a little bling with some of our Basic Rhinestones!

The earrings are a bit different. You can purchase flat discs in the same jewelry department, however, I wanted to try something different. I wanted to use as much Stampin' Up! materials as possible. So I used a 1" circle punch, and punched out two circles of Basic Grey cardstock. I then covered one side of each with Crystal Effects, then let dry. Once dry, it gave the circles a nice plastic toughness. Then proceeded with the cardstock side, as I did above, with 3 layers of embossing, then pressing the shamrock stamp into the melted embossing powder. Once cool, I added a Basic Rhinestone, and used the 1/16th hole punch to put a small hole in the top. I used rings and earring posts from the jewelry store to finish them up! The Crystal Effects on the back really helps to make these earrings a bit sturdier, but yet they are light as a feather!

Hope you enjoy!
Craft on!

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