Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fun Friday!

I know, I know, this is a day late. But Friday was busy! I finally finished a slouchy hat that I will wear and that I love! I have had issues with several different crochet patterns, so I found one that combined crochet and knitting. Although I know how to knit basics now, I struggled with knitting on this hat, so I created my own band.  I also edited some of the rest of the hat, so it is pretty much my own work now - with a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. I did a lot of double crochets, and by reading another pattern, I learned to get some of the slouchy effect you can increase, then decrease, then increase, at different intervals. I am still terrible with measurements, so I had to get how many to do at each round from a few patterns.

Go Pink week is coming up at my school and I found the perfect yarn! I volunteered to make a travel mug cozy, some coasters, and a regular coffee cup cozy. I just loved this as soon as I saw it, it will be perfect for the cozy's. Those pictures will come as soon as I finish.

On Thursday McKayla and I went over to my dads, and my step-mom Laurie had a lot of knitting needles that are basically antiques. They were her grandmothers. Nanny had a ton because even after getting almost a whole set, Laurie still had some left over, plus her set, plus she gave some to my sister in law, Kumi. That is a whole lot knitting needles! But I am oh so excited, because now I have plenty to use while practicing. I decided that I need to start simple, with a scarf. Trying to jump right in to do the band of my hat was a bad, bad, bad, idea. So until next time, Happy Crafting!

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