Monday, June 20, 2011

Edible Rubber Stamping!!!

Long time no blog! I have many things I want to share since I have been in "summer hibernation" mode since school ended. Usually for 1-2 weeks after school lets out and I start my summer break I hibernate in the house and don't go anywhere! I catch up on reading, crafting, whatever I WANT! lol.
Every year I do a Luau with friends right before the end of school. I wanted to do something different, so I decided to mix my love of rubber stamping with cupcakes!  
 Since I did this sort of last minute - I didn't get the edible markers that you can use to write on cakes. I think that if I had those it would have made a cleaner image - but as soon as I try it out - I will share!!!
I started off with a white sugar sheet (designed for the Cricut Cake, but they make several types now). Fondant or gumpaste will work too!  Then I took food color spray and sprayed it on a paper plate. Then I stamped my stamp into the color, coating it well, then stamped it onto the sugar sheet just like you would with normal ink and paper!  I tried liquid food coloring, but it is just too liquidy and does not stick to the stamp well. Thats why I think the markers might work well. But if not, the spray worked great! I let it dry for a minute, then cut out all my pieces.
I know some people who use stamps to press into fondant and they use those stamps only for food to keep them food safe. I had only used one of these previously and I sterilized it well before using it. Since this was a personal project, cleaning it seemed fine to me. But if you will be using your creations for commercial use or for any other non personal use, I would recommend only using the stamps for food - keeping them separate from your actual crafting stamps.

I will blog more soon!! I have some cute crochet items I have made and some adorable bookmarks!

Craft On!!!


  1. Hey Jean

    I'm looking for a stamp that I could use to put a picture onto a biscuit (soviet style, hammer and sickle!), any idea how I could do this? presumably I could order a standard rubber stamp, but what about an edible paint?

  2. I have never seen that sort of stamp, so you would probably have to do some searching around for it. As far as edible paint, I have used the markers from my food store, as well as some powder that you mix with either water or vodka (I use vodka because it evaporates faster and smoother then water). I get my items from craft stores in the baking section. However, I do know that professional bakers have real edible paint/food coloring that is higher quality. I am not sure where to get those from. Sorry I couldn't be much more help!