Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finally the Batter!!

So I have posted pictures of Paper and Stitch, but no Batter yet! Well here you go. I always do cupcakes or cakes for holidays and birthdays for my students, except last month because I was sick. Well, I decided to do some cake pops for the February Birthdays.
These are sooo good! Pretty simple too. For these, I baked a triple chocolate cake, then I let it cool and crumbled it up. Then I added a can of milk chocolate frosting. I will say, that canned frosting works best for cake pops. This will make the cake/frosting into a yummy play dough consistency! For these I just rolled them into balls, but you can make them into any shape. Check out She is the best! Freeze these for about 30 minutes. Melt some candy chocolates (like Wiltons melting candies). Dip your sticks into the chocolate and insert into the cake pops. Freeze these for about an hour. I used white and then used different sprinkles to decorate. Melt more candy melts into a bowl. Deep and narrow is good because when you dip your cake balls you want to do one dip, maybe some slight twisting to cover, you don't want to be to rough or they will come off. Plus you want to have a nice even coating.  You can add just a tiny amount of oil to smooth out the candy melts. It will not take them too long to harden.

On the 18th my niece McKayla turned 6! She asked (well demanded actually) a Hello Kitty cake.

I am in love with my Cricut Cake!!! It would have taken me forever to cut out all those shapes in fondant. Instead, I push some buttons, and voila! And I just loved the edible heart confetti!

I have also jumped into another new thing for me, a Cupcake Challenge! I will be entering into the Red Wagon Ministry's Cupcake Challenge to benefit CCAP on March 26th. I entered the Best Taste and Best Decoration categories. I am sooo nervous but excited. Plus I have the Shenandoah Co. Spring Craft Festival coming up on the 5th. So many things, so much fun!  Check out both websites for information!!!! Hope you can join me!

As always, Craft On!!!


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