Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Wonderful World of Crochet!

Although I have started to learn to knit, I just love to crochet. I finally finished a pair of slippers for my mom and a hat for my Nana.

I loved the blue in Nana's hat so much, that I made myself some fingerless gloves/mittens - pictures to come!

Here are a bunch of my favorite projects. Most of my projects start off as a pattern by someone else that I have found on the internet, but either due to my mistakes or on purpose, I typically change a bunch. Or I just start working and see what happens. If anyone REALLY want the pattern, please message me.  I would have to try and write it down, or find the original and tell you my edits.

This week is Go Pink! week at work. I crocheted a few things for a basket they are raffling off. I also made pins for the ladies in my department. Pictures to come.

I am also working on a cute photo/coupon box with my new favorite paper, the Stampin' Up! Sew Suite DSP!! OH HOW I LOVE THEE!! Lots of pics to come when I am finished!

It is about time I get some sleep, so as always,

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