Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day!

First I must post a picture of my dinner from last Tuesday. My friend Stephanie and I went out to eat before our Go Pink! basketball game. I love sushi. this is the funkiest sushi I have ever gotten - both called something dragon or other, and even looks it! 

I was quite busy on Sunday night. I was up quite late too! I could not decide on what I wanted to do for the kids at work, but when I did, of course it was something that took time.  I decided to make mini crochet envelopes, put a piece of candy in them, and give them a box of conversation hearts. The kids seemed to like them a lot!

While at work my husband decided to surprise me with flowers! He had them delivered and they are beautiful!!!

I made him a mini card, but a cute one. I made a large crochet envelope with a loop/heart closure, and of course, no holiday would be complete for him without Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (or in this case hearts!). The inside of the card is jumbled, on purpose, and means, you are the key to my heart. 
Thats all for now - will be posting pictures soon of things I am making for the craft fair!

Craft on!!

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  1. Finally something we disagree on~ sushi is NASTY!! LOL