Monday, March 7, 2011

Craft Fair Item - Desktop Post Its!

So this is one of the favorites at the Shen. Co. Arts and Craft Show. I originally had the price at $5. It sold a few but sold much better when I dropped it to $4.  I still have a few left if anyone is interested! I will be posting on Etsy soon. As you can see there are two styles - one with larger post its, and one with smaller ones, but with flags as well. Those were made on the smaller 3by5 frames, while the larger ones were on 4 by 6 frames. I got the idea from, and I think she got the idea from Both do a lot of fairs so I thought they would be great to CASE from! The idea for the smaller one was purely mine though, of course based upon the other.  The ones pictured above are what I have left!
Craft On!


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