Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its not all about paper!

So I also made a few other things for my craft show that are not made of paper. I made some flower pens. I love these! They are really simple, but fun! When I carried a bunch of these at work, people didn't even know they were pens!
Next I made some feather boa monsters/bunnies. A couple of students made these for our Go Pink! Week at MHS, and they inspired me to make some theme ones - Easter Bunnies and Apple Blossom Monsters! These are still on sale - for $8 and $7 so contact me if you are interested!
I also made pins/hairclips with the Fun Flowers Die and the Big Shot from Stampin' Up! I love that die! I use it for a ton of things. I make the flowers crumply by spraying with starch, then ironing them, then while they are hot and damp from the starch, I crumple the and rub them in my hands. I let them dry this way. Then I use fabric glue to glue each piece together and then hot glue the pins on. I like the look of the crumpled flowers better then just cutting them out and gluing them together. I sell these as well, only $2.00 each! I can customize them to your want/need.

Craft on!!!

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