Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cupcake Challenge!

So I have not posted for awhile because I was busy baking, baking, baking, oh, and baking. I had 10 dozen  cupcakes to make, 5 for each category, and I made my stepmom, Laurie, some birthday cake balls.  The Cupcake Challenge was a fundraiser to benefit the Red Wagon Ministry and CCAP, providing diapers for those in need. I entered in the "Best Taste" and the "Best Decoration" categories. So here are my pics!!
 Here are my yummy Cherry Limeade Cupcakes. Complete with straw, cherry, and lime slice. I LOVE Sonics Cherry Limeade drinks, so I made them into a cupcake! These were loved by everyone and went pretty quick!
Here are the Best Decoration cupcakes. I cut out wrappers using my Cricut. I made honey vanilla cupcakes with no egg! I ran out of eggs, and didn't have time to run out. So I subsituted some things. They came out great! Then I did a lemon glaze with swirls of melty chocolates, then dusted pink luster dust over top. I was going for springy!
I did not win anything, but had a great time! Here is a picture of the cake balls I made Laurie. Cake balls/pops are so easy to make! I followed Bakerella's recipe of I baked cake, crumbled, with 1 can of frosting. Mix it all up and its like yummy playdough! 
I will be posting more soon, and more often! I will have April Stamp camp pictures soon!
Craft On!

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